Ms. Mary Jutshi Cooper

Miss Mary Jutshi Cooper

English Teacher

Being an avid reader and a bookaholic and a ‘Potter Head’ since her teenage years, her love for literature knew no bounds when she wanted to take up English as her mainstream studies. She graduated in English honours and pursued her Master’s degree in English Majors and Communicative Studies from the prestigious Christ University, Bangalore.

She has also co-authored a series of anthologies, the most recent one was an anthology entitled “Inner Connection”.

She along with her team bagged the first prize in the annual Paper Presentation on Children’s Literature.

Passionate about teaching, she dreamt of becoming a teacher, aka a reformer since she was a kid. She feels teaching is like a calling and it is not everyone who has the patience to mould the character of students like the teachers do. She believes that every child is gifted and it’s we teachers who enable them to unleash their hidden superpower and help them reach the best versions of themselves.

Her favourite quote that she stands by in her life – “We are not just teachers we are the managers of the world’s greatest resource: Children!” – Robert John